Label software template design and setup; so you are printing labels in minutes not hours; optimised and correct barcode type (symbology). Often a small change in a design can have years of impact on the efficiency and wellbeing of staff; who may have to read printed barcodes literally 100,000's of times, so if not optimal it is a massive pain day-in day-out.

Software development for a competitive advantage, speedy and affordable; long term reliability and maintenance.

Label materials sourcing and materials advice. Lowest cost hardware advice has been our default for decades; we rarely ever, for example, recommend thermal printers above the desktop range, and 99% of our customers use them.

Label printer and software training; including setup and regular maintenance for long life. We have patience to train and guide people who could barely use a mouse. As a side effect they are left with vital skills worth £10,000's they can apply to many other everyday tasks.

Consultancy on every aspect of barcode technology that has saved companies £10,000's.

We have saved small to medium sized companies across the whole UK many £Millions in recent years.

Skills: Apache, PHP (No SQL, MySQL, PDF, XML, DOM, Json), Javascript, C/C++/C# (Speech, Backend, Data Processing), VB, Python, JQuery (Ajax, Json, REST), Lua, HTML5, Three.js, Cubic.js, Node.js, Raspberry Pi, 3D printing, Postscript [Note: List is too extensive to enumerate, projects too numerous to detail; we have coded every day for 30 years : it's fun]. Applications: Blender, PovRay, FreeCAD, Excel, Access, Word, OpenOffice [Note: Literally in the 100's of 'tools']. Other applicable: Vector mathematics, dynamic physics, model design, photography, video processing, etc.